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How to be a Pilot: FAQs

There are so many questions posted in several Aviation Related Facebook Groups that most of them are asked repeatedly, any effort to promote how to research first before posting seems close to impossible.

We consolidated all frequently asked questions that we see, and we will keep this post updated as new questions arise.

Q: What are the requirements to become a Pilot?
A: According to Philippine Civil Aviation Regulation (PCAR - Part 2 - Personnel Licensing; Part 2.3.3 - Pilot Licenses, Instrument and Instructor Ratings; Part : Student Pilots) The requirements are as follows:
1. At least 16yrs of age
2. Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language
3. Must hold at least a CAAP Classification II Medical Exam

Q: Do I need to have a BS Degree before I can enroll in a Flight School?
A: No. There is no any BS Degree per-requisite for you to be able to enroll in a flight school.

Q: I want to be a Pilot but I need to finish college first, what aviation course should I take to become a Pilot?
A: There is no particular aviation related course that you can take to become a pilot since its not a pre-requisite BS Degree to become a pilot. However, it is best for you to take any course that you really like and happy about. That way whatever happens to your flying career you can always have a great fallback into something you love to do aside from flying.

Q: How much is the Tuition Fee in a flight school?
A: Different flight schools have different package cost for different pilot courses. There are schools who are positioned to price at a premium (Php3M or more) while there are schools who can give you a complete package from Private Pilot to Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating and Flight Instructors Course at a lower cost (below Php3M). It is always best to scout around different flight schools, gather as much information as you can, compare prices, standards cultures and practices before making a decision.

Q: Can I enter the airline after completing my pilot training?
A: No. At least not yet. Most airlines require about 800-1000 flying hours (though there are instances that they accept those who are in the 500hr mark). If you completed PPL-CPL course your flying hours would approx around 150hrs while if you completed PPL-CPL-IR-FI courses, you hours would be around 250hrs. With that you still need to build up your hours in order to be considered by the airlines.

These are only few of the Frequently Asked Questions that we can collate as of now, if yo have any other items that you can add, feel free to share so that together we can help and assist future pilots that are out there trying to figure out things.

Thank you and hope we can maintain a healthy discussion!

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