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Aviation Career Orientation

We aim to answer the most common and frequently asked questions on how to be a Pilot or Flight Dispatcher, and a first-hand experience on how aviators do it through our Basic Flight Simulator Introductory flight.

Be updated with the current trend

AVIANSI will give you all that you need to know on how to become a Pilot or a Flight Dispatcher. We will also provide you detailed description on different licenses and ratings. You will also learn different pilot career opportunities in the aviation industry (Domestically & Internationally). With the current trends in the aviation industry, AVIANSI will provide an up-to-date information to keep you on track.

Let's work together.

Aviation Nexus Solutions, Inc. (AVIANSI) provides a wide array of business improvement services that will help your flight school / aviation related industry to strive and compete into today’s ever dynamic Aviation Industry.

Our Services

Digital Marketing
Maximize the extensive potential of online platforms to increase your brand awareness through website improvement and development, search engine optimization, real-time current market data, email marketing and pay-per click online advertising.

Social Media Marketing
Engage in a highly interactive, dynamic and real-time customer interaction. Fully utilizing Social Media presence and process will enable you to effectively and efficiently expand and reach new customers, promote your business and services, offer special offers and more.

Public Relations (Digital and Traditional)
We will utilize the cost effective way of promoting and marketing your business through press releases and articles on known aviation related sites as well as engage in Public Relations Events and Career Orientations.

Advertising (Digital and Traditional)
We offer high impact and high visibility result oriented advertising campaign using all types of media from online to print and outdoor as well as direct marketing and sales advertising.

Strategy Analysis
We study and analyze your current business strategy against your competition and market place situation; We identify strategic customer segment and structure marketing and sales plan to achieve your goals.

Branding and Company Image
Your reputation build from your name and logo. It projects the business opportunity and credibility that we can convey through brand imaging and market positioning.

Other Services We Offer
Flight Simulator Design and Development including the latest technology of Virtual Reality (VR) System which is fully compatible with our PC-Powered flight simulator program. Experience realism in simulation.

Why Choose Us

A marketing and business consultancy institution by the Aviators for the Aviators. We are the most comprehensive, creative, strategic, result-driven business and marketing solutions hub that helps both Aviation Institutions and Future Pilots.

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